Global Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Search
to support your Business

Global Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Search
to support your Business

Artemide Recruitment is a leading recruitment agency specialised in head-hunting experienced candidates in all industry sectors ranging from Financial Services to a wide range of Corporates and Family Offices, providing support to Single and Multi-Family Offices across the world. We have experience from top and middle management to executive assistants and private PA’s, and a wide range of administrative and human resources positions as well as front office and back office. We are head-quartered in London, with international offices in US and Italy.

At Artemide Recruitment, we take immense pride in our core values: integrity, initiative, and professionalism in the services we offer to our clients. We understand our Clients core values, vision, ambition, and environment, in order to build them the perfect team with capable people who match the company culture. At Artemide Recruitment we are incredibly careful to fully interview, reference check and verify candidate’s qualifications and experiences, whilst ensuring that we only present details of those most suitable for consideration.

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We are a global business support staff hiring agency, with an extensive database of exceptional Assistants and Secretaries. We match high-calibre office support staff to companies across a range of industries. Headquartered in London and Rome, we recruit across UK, Europe, MENA and the US. Our recruitment team specialises in EA recruitment, PA recruitment and exceptional secretarial support staff at all levels.

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At Artemide Recruitment we focus on long-term human resources planning and finding appropriate candidates for positions that require a very specific skillset. As global talent acquisition specialists we work closely with our clients to analyse their long-term talent needs in the context of business goals, to execute a strategy by recruiting, evaluating, and onboarding candidates. Contact us today for more information.

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At Artemide Recruitment we are Financial Services Recruitment Experts. We understand the market and the specific competencies requested to candidates to succeed and efficiently support private equity offices. We focus on talent and understanding how people use their strengths to achieve high performance. We value long-term relationships. We work to understand both our clients’ long-term needs and our candidates’ career goals.


Artemide Recruitment is built on the principle that if you employ experienced and talented individuals, if you provide them with an enjoyable and dynamic environment, if you support them with the ultimate technology in terms of CRM, Database Cloud, Interviewing Protocol Processes, you will provide excellent services.
We are therefore committed to finding, employing, and retaining only highly talented individuals as our Recruitment Consultants and to recruit only the Best available Candidates, for our esteemed Clients and Partners. This principle has fostered an incredible culture, which celebrates Professionalism and Integrity, and has resulted in a high level of diversity and inclusivity across the Team and the Candidates’ pool.

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Working with Us

All candidates applying to join Artemide Recruitment are interviewed, qualifications and references are verified, we also ask for proof of identity and see original passport for identification. All candidates are interviewed with careful attention to their skills, experience, professionalism, and reliability, we only present the highest calibre candidates to families. Families are also guided through the entire interview process and given advice and assistance throughout the search.

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