Tiziana was my recruiter during a long selection process. From the beginning, she proved to be thoughtful and very meticulous. She often contacted me and never left me alone, promptly answering all my doubts. In the end, I got the job and we still keep in touch. Thanks again Tiziana, for your empathetic professionalism.

V. P. - Milan, Italy

I was pleasantly surprised when I was finally able to find a recruitment agency in London that was not just after my money but actively trying to support me and my company. Truly a pleasant change in the scenery of this city.

J.P. - London, UK

My experience with Artemide Recruitment was extremely positive. I run a Family Office and I was used to being disregarded by recruitment agencies as a small business still in development. Artemide and its consultants made sure we felt welcomed at all times and helped us with all our recruitment needs. We also really appreciated their personal approach to recruitment and the care they put in handpicking each candidate.

M. L. - London, UK

I interfaced with Tiziana, a highly competent and qualified person, very capable of understanding the professionalism she is looking for. Positive and reliable experience.

L. D. - Rome, Italy

Artemide Recruitment is a serious and reliable agency, Sofia has great empathy, as well as being a very scrupulous and helpful professional. We hired three members of staff and we will keep using their services in the future.

D. Q. - New York City, USA

I can’t recommend Artemide Recruitment highly enough. They offered us outstanding support, and we have encountered the utmost professionalism. They have done an amazing job at finding us two incredible executive assistants. The consultants were all truly lovely and real professionals. 5 stars experience.

C. R. - Dubai, UAE

Truly grateful to Artemide Recruitment and their inspiring work ethic and professionalism. They helped me hire the best candidate for my company and she’s now been with us for a whole year. She is truly an amazing persona.

E. P. - London, UK

We asked Artemide to help us with our growing business and they truly delivered! What an amazing service. We will surely ask for their help again in the future.

M. H. K. - London, UK

I’m the PA for a UHNW family and I’m glad I asked for help to Artemide Recruitment when it came to hire another PA to support me in my daily tasks. They found me an absolute gem! Their experience in dealing with UHNW and VIP clients made them the perfect choice. They understood all about the confidentiality and discretion that the candidate needed. What a relief to have found a dedicated colleague and a new friend thanks to Artemide.

S. P. - London, UK

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