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An Accounting Manager, oversees and manages accounting teams in specific departments.

They work under the heads of finances to ensure the accounts are finalised within set deadlines and according to a company’s accounting regulations. Their duties include analysing and auditing financial reports, maintaining financial records and implementing financial reporting systems.

An Accounting Manager supervises the daily activities of a company’s accounts and finance department staff. They also monitor the prepared financial and accounts reports to ensure they are accurate and comply with the company’s accounting policies. Accounting Managers give fiscal advice to department heads on issues like salary payroll preparation, budgeting and expenses so that a company’s finances are well spent. They prepare financial plans with heads or Directors of Finances when a company is implementing new projects.

An Accounting Manager handles various duties and responsibilities in a company that may require them to work across different departments and take on several tasks within the accounting and finance niche.

Accounting Manager main responsibilities include:

  • Managing a team of Accountants working on a company’s projects;
  • Assigning accounting tasks or projects to a company’s finance and accounting staff;
  • Developing a company’s financial and accounting policies, workflows and methods after consultations with heads of finance;
  • Auditing accounts to ensure they comply with the company’s policy regulations and the nation’s laws;
  • Providing all accounting and financial reports and documents needed by the company’s external auditors;
  • Evaluating a company’s financial transactions to ensure they comply with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP);
  • Calculating and filing corporate tax returns for the company to the nation’s revenue authorities;
  • Reviewing financial statements to pinpoint possible fraud and errors.

An Accounting Manager in the UK earns an average salary of £ 50,000+ per year, depending on candidate’s experience, education and location.