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As a leading global recruitment agency, we specialise in head-hunting experienced candidates to build an efficient and competent Accounting Department for your business, whether it is a growing home-based company or a large multinational corporation.

The Accounting Department is that fundamental and rather vital division of a company that oversees the business’s financial aspects, helping track revenues and expenses while ensuring compliance with all statuary requirements. It provides quantitive and qualitative financial data to the managers, investors and shareholders to help them make well-informed business decisions. As the supervisors of the finances, the Accounting Department will look after the preparation of financial statements, payment of bills, care of the customer’s orders, payrolls and general ledger.

The Accounting Department is often composed of different roles to spread better and manage the many responsibilities required by the CFO (Chief Financial Officer), who sits at the top of the Accounting Department and reports directly to the CEO of the business. The Financial Controller reports to the CFO and usually handles teams of Managers – Payroll Manager, Accounts Manager, and Account Payable Manager. Last but not least, the Accountants who handle the day-to-day responsibilities offering direct support to the other branches of the business.

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Key Functions Of The Accounting Department:

  • To track and manage all business transactions systematically so they can be reviewed and retrieved at any time
  • To maintain adequate internal controls within the business to protect its resources
  • Provide data for performance assessment and create accountability across the company
  • To keep track of costs incurred by the business and advise eventual modification of existing operations to reduce operating costs
  • To support senior management in the decision-making process by appropriately presenting the financial data
  • To plan based on anticipation of business needs and data analysis to increment profits
  • Produce financial statements and reports by collecting data
  • Maintaining a fruitful and healthy relationship with eventual vendors or clients by ensuring that any payments are issued correctly and on time
  • Track any account receivables and outstanding invoices
  • Sole and focused responsibility for the payroll functions
  • Maintenance of financial controls to prevent fraud and theft
  • Budgeting reports

Each member of the Accounting Department, will need excellent multitask and time managing skills. Organising and prioritising is critical to ensure that everyday tasks and responsibilities are carried out to the highest standards. Any High-Level Education, such as Bachelor’s degree in Accounting/Finance or any related fields with affiliated MBAs, Masters and Ph. Ds is welcomed but not a requirement. However, an excellent knowledge of data organising programs like MS Office and Excel is necessary. Strong analytical skills and interpersonal confidence to maintain good relationships with clients and coworkers in other departments.

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