We recruit all roles within the Administration Department

As a Global Leading Recruitment Agency we take pride in finding strong and suitable candidates to build you an excellent Administration Department.

Administration is a vital and necessary apparatus for your business to run smoothly and increment profits. Administrative workers (Administrator, Administrative Assistant) will provide office support to either an individual or an entire team, supervising that the day-to-day activities are carried out to the highest of standards.

Acting as the backbone of any business, the Administration Department is constituted of a multitude of different roles all equally relevant to build a successful company. A few different Administrative roles can include Office Administrator, Administrative Professionals, Office Managers, Executive Assistants, Office Staff.

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General Administrative Tasks:

  • Ordering office equipment and business supplies
  • Speaking with future or returning clients
  • General bookkeeping, following basic accounting principles
  • Organising general office files
  • Maintaining presentable office facilities
  • Recording office expenses/budget tracking
  • Creating financial reports
  • Handling clerical duties and providing clerical and administrative support for upper management
  • Answering phones and responding to email enquiries
  • Data entry and word processing
  • Drafting office correspondence
  • Scheduling appointments/managing appointments
  • Coordinating meetings
  • Office management
  • Updating office procedures
  • Monitoring accounts receivable
  • Handling multiple tasks
  • Maintaining confidential information
  • Other relevant duties related to the company’s operations
  • Maintaining multiple calendars
  • Maintaining databases
  • Data entry tasks
  • Creating email templates

To be successful in any field within the Administration Department you will need a varied set of skills focused on increasing office productivity by taking care of time-consuming administrative tasks. Excellent organisational skills are required as much as good communication abilities. It is very crucial to also posses a leadership attitude whilst maintaining a willingness to work with others and respect their opinions.
Any High-Level Education such as Bachelor’s degrees in business or any related fields with affiliated MBAs, Masters and Ph.Ds is welcomed but not a requirement. It is however necessary an excellent knowledge of data organising programs like MS Office and Excel.

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