We recruit all roles within the Customer Service Department

Customer Service is a needed and necessary branch of your company that will ensure the success of your business. Identifying and selecting the best individuals for your Customer Service Department will strengthen the company brand and build loyalty. For this reason Artemide Recruitment as a global leading agency,  can assemble you the Customer Service Department that you need for your company to be prosperous and lucrative.

Customer Service is at the heart of every purchase as it will accompany customers before, throughout and after the acquisition of any product or service. It is designed to enhance and meet the expectations of the buyer so that they will be satisfied with the outcome of the purchase. The members of the Customer Service Team will create a trustworthy and comfortable environment while providing useful informations to the client. Through multiple means of communication eg email, phone, chat etc. Customer Service is expected to deliver the highest level of efficient service no matter the circumstance or mood of the buyer.

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Key Responsibilities and duties of the Customer Service Department:

  • Answering questions about a company’s product/service
    It is necessary for the employees to know all the ins and outs of the products and be ready to answer all questions in a quick and effective way, while always remaining polite and helpful.
  • Processing Orders and Transactions
    Ensuring that all customers activities are processed correctly. Handling cancellations, returns or exchanges.
  • Resolve and care for all issues and technical problems
    Managing all product/service issues and eventual troublesome malfunctions. Providing ongoing technical support alongside the help desk support teams, requires deep knowledge of the product/service and communicative skills to deliver efficient problem-solving counselling to clients.
  • Increasing Revenue
    Delivering informations about promotions and offerings. Providing useful information to the customer about eventual special offerings or pushing the sales of related products/services.
  • Providing proactive customer care
    Engaging with the clients on a personal level to ensure a positive and satisfactory experience.
  • Develop an FAQ sheet
    It will allow customers to solve their easier issues without contacting the Customer Service.
  • Track Customer Behaviour
    Tracking key performance indicators will help identify the tendencies of the market and potential issues in products/services.

The effectiveness of the Customer Service Team will depend in the individual skills and abilities of the employees. The basic and most important skill needed will be an exceptional communication ability and fluidity to respond appropriately to all demands and eventual issues. Empathy and adaptability are also necessary to bond with the customer ensure the highest standards of service. Timeliness and problem-solving capacities alongside an extensive knowledge of the products to manage all rising problems and even the most difficult to deal with clients. There are no specific academic qualifications needed to work in the Customer Service Department, however the three essential qualities required are the so called three “Ps”:

  • Professionalism
  • Patience
  • “People-First” attitude

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