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At Artemide Recruitment we are Financial Services Recruitment Experts. We understand the market and the specific competencies requested to candidates to succeed and efficiently support private equity offices. Our recruitment and head hunting are specifically tailor-made for this competitive and dynamic sector.

We are financial services recruiters with deep ties to finance professionals. Finance roles are among the fastest-growing roles in today’s already tight job market. At Artemide Recruitment we understand the nuances between the various positions and niches in the finance market. Our team employs a variety of search methodologies to quickly locate the right professionals for your organisation’s finance roles.

Areas of Financial Services Recruiting:

  • Asset Management
  • Wealth Management
  • Private Equity
  • Investment Banking
  • Commercial Banking
  • Hedge Funds
  • Financial Institutions
  • Fintech
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Client Services
  • Non-Profits

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Financial Services Jobs We Fill

We recruit all roles within the Finance Department. As Finance is one of the pivotal pillars of any organisation and a rather fundamental ingredient for a successful business, at Artemide Recruitment we will carefully select and build you the perfect Finance Team to ensure the success of your company.

The Finance Department carries out a wide range of duties and responsibilities from which depends the overall performance of your business. The Finance Team will handle all financial decisions both for internal and external affairs. It is a branch of the business responsible for handling all funds within the organisation but also supervising the employment of said founds on various assets. It will be the Finance Department’s responsibility to ensure the safe and profitable running of the company at all times.

The Finance Team is often composed of different figures that cover distinctive roles based on the single employee’s skill set. Some of the roles are:

The Auditor:

Evaluates documents and statements authenticating their accuracy.

Budget Analyst:

Revises and maintains a balanced budget throughout the year while managing future financial responsibilities.

Finance Controller:

Oversees that the other roles are carried out to the highest standards and handles tax compliancy, risk management and accountability goals.

Finance Administrator:

Manages cash flows preparing budgets and reports for advisory and countability purposes.

Payroll Officer:

Handles all the documentation in relation to the employees’ salaries, taxation and commissions.

Treasury Analyst:

Evaluates transactions and investments opportunities advancing management on how to minimise eventual costs to meet budget goals.

Key Functions Of The Finance Department:

  • Maintenance of financial controls to prevent fraud and theft
  • Bookkeeping
  • Management of cash flow
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Management of taxes and tax compliancy
  • Management and overseeing the businesses’ investments
  • Financial reporting and Analysis
  • Assisting all managerial departments in the decision making process
  • Managing operations systems

Being the Finance Department so broad, each specific role comes with a particular set of skills needed. As a member of the Finance Team you will need exceptional problem-solving skills to solve all the rising financial issues. It is fundamental to be a detail-oriented person. The majority of the work involves meticulous data inserting and analysis tasks, identifying discrepancies will be crucial. It is important to be decisive and persuasive as it will be needed to pitch financial solutions and ideas to higher ups and colleagues. Lastly analytical skills alongside a well spoken good communication ability is necessary to identify patterns of eventual problems and share them in an appropriate way.

Any High-Level Education, such as Bachelor’s degree in Accounting/Finance or any related fields with affiliated MBAs, Masters and Ph. Ds is welcomed but not a requirement. However, an excellent knowledge of data organising programs like MS Office and Excel is necessary.

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At Artemide Recruitment we understand your staffing needs and we provide solutions. We value long-term relationships. We do not simply find a qualified candidate and place them in an open role. We work to understand both our clients’ long-term needs and our candidates’ career goals, and we pair these two elements together to ensure all parties are happy with the match.

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