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An HR Manager is a professional who oversees HR practices, processes and strategies.

Their duties include overseeing the recruitment process, planning and implementing training programs for staff and ensuring that employees follow best practices and company policies. The HR Manager helps an organisation run smoothly by ensuring that all company processes are compliant with employment regulations and that all personnel act in line with company policies. A large part of the job involves supporting current staff by dealing with employee grievances or conflicts. Thy also ensure that the company attracts the best candidates for open vacancies. Depending on the size of a company, HR Managers will either manage an entire HR department or oversee different functions within an HR department.

Duties and responsibilities of an HR manager:

  • Overseeing recruitment, selection and the onboarding process;
  • Managing a company’s appraisal system and conducting appraisal meetings;
  • Ensuring that a company’s procedures comply with employment regulations;
  • Managing and training the HR Team;
  • Monitoring various aspects of an employee’s performance, such as attendance and sick leave;
  • Accessing the need for training and then designing and implementing training programs accordingly;
  • Handling any disciplinary processes and formal grievances;
  • Setting and reviewing pay structures and employee perks and benefits.

The average salary for an HR Manager is £42,000/52,000 per annum, depending on candidate’s experience, education and location.