In the intricate tapestry of a successful organisation, Managers play a pivotal role in assembling a team that not only complements their leadership but also contributes to the overall efficiency of the company. When it comes to hiring Support Staff, the interview process becomes a crucial element in identifying individuals who can seamlessly integrate into the team and enhance its productivity. At Artemide, we understand the unique dynamics involved in manager-led hiring, and in this blog post, we’ll share essential interview tips for Managers looking to build a robust Support Team.

  • Clarify Role Expectations:
    Before diving into the interview process, it’s vital for Managers to have a crystal-clear understanding of the role they’re hiring for. Clearly define the expectations, responsibilities, and skills required for the support staff position. This not only streamlines the interview process but also ensures that you attract candidates whose skills align with the specific needs of the team.
  • Assess Team Compatibility:
    Support Staff are the backbone of many companies, providing essential assistance to various departments. During the interview, Managers should assess a candidate’s potential to collaborate effectively with the existing team. Ask questions that reveal their experience in working within a team environment, handling workload peaks, and adapting to diverse working styles.
  • Prioritise Strong Communication Skills:
    Support Staff often act as liaisons between different departments, making strong communication skills a non-negotiable requirement. Managers should evaluate a candidate’s ability to communicate clearly and professionally. Inquire about their experience in relaying information, handling inquiries, and resolving issues promptly.
  • Gauge Problem-Solving Abilities:
    They will encounter various challenges in their daily tasks, from resolving customer issues to streamlining internal processes. Assess a candidate’s problem-solving abilities by presenting practical hypothetical scenarios and asking how they would approach and resolve each situation. Look for individuals who exhibit a proactive and solution-oriented mindset.
  • Emphasise Attention to Detail:
    In roles where precision is key, attention to detail is paramount. Managers should probe candidates about their experience in roles that demanded a high level of accuracy. Discuss their methods for maintaining quality standards, managing deadlines, and preventing errors in their work.
  • Cultural Fit and Adaptability:
    Support staff must align with the organisation’s culture and values. Managers should use the interview to assess a candidate’s cultural fit and adaptability to the company’s working environment. Inquire about their ability to integrate into a new team seamlessly and how they handle changes or challenges in the workplace.

Hiring Support Staff is a strategic endeavour that requires Managers to focus on a combination of technical skills, interpersonal abilities, and cultural alignment. By incorporating these interview tips into the hiring process, Managers can select candidates who not only meet the technical requirements but also contribute positively to the overall dynamics of the team. At Artemide, we’re committed to helping managers build high- performing teams that drive organisational success. Our main focus is to allow Managers to find the best possible candidates for their needs. Thanks to our thorough prescreening carried out by our specialised Recruitment Consultants, you won’t need these tips.

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