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At Artemide Recruitment, we specialize in connecting employers with highly skilled and talented Executive Assistants and Personal Assistants who can significantly impact your organisation’s success. With decades of experience in the industry with clients worldwide, we have a proven track record of finding suitable candidates with the strategic, managerial, and administrative skills necessary to excel in these roles. Personal and Executive Assistants have evolved from purely functional to playing a crucial and strategic position within organizations. They are the backbone of an organization, ensuring smooth operations and contributing to its overall efficiency and productivity.

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We cater to positions ranging from C-suite level Executive Assistants to Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants, secretarial, and all business support roles.

By partnering with us, you gain access to a pool of highly qualified candidates meticulously screened and assessed to ensure they meet your specific requirements. We take pride in matching employers with suitable candidates with the skills, experience, and cultural fit that align with your organization’s goals and values. Over the years, we have successfully placed hundreds of Personal and Executive Assistants into temporary and permanent roles. Our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction has made us a trusted recruitment partner for businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to large corporates and conglomerates. Let us take the burden of recruitment off your shoulders and help you find the perfect Personal and Executive Assistants who will contribute to your organization’s growth and success.

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essential requirements

EAs are highly educated, usually have attended top schools for undergrads and even have advanced degrees — MBAs, master’s, and even the occasional PhD.

Essential are excellent administration and organization skills with great attention to detail, the ability to identify opportunities to improve processes, listening and communication skills, and excellent interpersonal and advanced computer skills.

Generic primary responsibilities are:

  • providing high-level support to the Chief Executive/President managing diary and appointments;
  • ensuring effective use of time and preparation of papers and information in advance;
  • being the first point of contact for all enquiries, arranging travel;
  • accommodation and travel visas as necessary; preparing packs and documents for board meetings;
  • creating documents using Powerpoint after briefing;
  • filtering incoming mail, sorting, redirecting and taking action as appropriate;
  • offering high quality and timely execution of Board minutes and Board related matters;
  • creating and amending spreadsheets;
  • building an excellent relationship with shareholders;
  • other non-executives and other critical external companies/clients.

Executive Assistants work with high-level executives at a company to provide top-level assistance.
An executive assistant is trusted with more high-end or complex duties than an entry-level assistant or a secretary.
EAs might be in charge of scheduling meetings, maintaining complex filing systems and databases, document review and preparation and possibly overseeing other staff. Flexibility, the desire to be involved in a broad range of administrative tasks, and the ability to multitask within a busy and global office environment are the keys to success for EAs.

executive assistant

EA Salary:

From £ 35,000/45,000 gross per year to £150,000 gross per year, plus bonuses and equity, depending on experience.

personal assistant

EA Salary:

From £ 45,000 gross per year to £150,000 gross per year, plus bonuses and equity, depending on experience.


required skills and primary generic responsibilities

A private PA should have excellent interpersonal skills and prioritize their workload. A Private PA in a household is a very varied role, considered a senior worker often overseeing staff members such as nannies, yacht and aircraft personnel, corporate business colleagues and housekeepers.

You are expected to be the gatekeeper of the principal, manage complex diaries and schedules, organize travel and book restaurants, oversee contractors and manage all paper-related tasks in the household, such as expenses, paying bills, banking and personal correspondence.
The private PA should have excellent interpersonal skills and be able to multitask and prioritize their workload; this is often a high-pressure role and can deal with the personal and business needs of the client.
There is no typical day, and two days will never be the same; you will be entrusted to buy gifts for family and friends, make household purchases and set up the home to the highest standards. You might be asked to accompany the principal on business/pleasure trips and will be expected to know the right places to eat and be seen. Also, the local doctor/dentist and a black book of contacts is the key to any professional private PA. Private PAs are often degree educated, can be bilingual and constantly strive to provide up-to-date information for their principal, such as new restaurant openings, and the best hairdresser in several countries. They will have established relationships to enable their client to access the best.

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