We recruit all roles within the Public Relations Department

The life of a business relies in its credibility and relationships between the organisation and the public. At Artemide Recruitment we pride ourselves in recruiting the finest, most skilled and resourceful members for your Public Relations Department.

The Public Relations officers, known as Public Relations Account Executives, handle all the planning and strategising around PR strategies and supervision of public attitudes. A PR Account Executive monitors publicity and conducts detailed analysis and research on concerns and expectation surrounding brands, individuals and organisations. They manage the channel of communication and establish two-way flows of informations between the public and the business, liaising with all departments especially the Marketing branch.

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Key Functions of the Public Relations Department:

Media Relations

  • Preparing statements on the positions of the company on relevant issues
  • Handling all publicity both positive and negative
  • Issuing news for the public about the company development
  • Maintaining contact with the mass media
  • Handling conflicts and inquiries on the mass media
  • Coordinating tours and press conferences
  • Supervising media coverage

Guest Relations

  • Hosting and managing guest receptions
  • Preparing visit agendas
  • Conducting all public business and sponsored activities

Product Publicity

  • Managing all sponsoring efforts around products/service
  • Lobbying
  • Dealing with all governmental and law officials

The fundamental skill needed to work in PR is an excellent interpersonal ability and communication skill both orally and in writing. Moreover, time-managing and organisational skills are highly requested since the Public Relation Department handles multiple responsibilities simultaneously. Digital media, graphic design and social media management abilities are in high demand. For this reason any High-Level Education, such as Bachelor’s degree in People Media Management/Advertising or any related fields with affiliated MBAs, Masters and Ph. Ds is welcomed but not a requirement. However, an excellent knowledge of data organising programs like MS Office and Excel is necessary.

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