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We provide the best corporate staff to support your business in London and across the world

As a leading recruitment agency in London  we commit to provide our clients first class services, tailored to their specific needs.

We can provide efficient Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants, Administrative Assistants, Accounting Assistants, Secretarial Staff and all the managing roles your business may need.
Artemide Recruitment is also a bespoke finance recruitment agency, focusing on sourcing talented finance and accounting professionals for employers across London, the UK and around the world.

Artemide Recruitment has an excellent reputation and we are well known among corporate staff recruitment agencies for our expertise and network that enable us to provide you exceptional candidates.

Our team is made up of experienced recruitment specialists perfectly equipped to advise our clients through the entire recruiting process.
We specialise in recruiting both in temporary and permanent support staff.

Artemide Recruitment always takes care to match the right candidate to your requirements and provides a service which is second-to-none, with a large database of top vetted candidates.

We believe in total discretion and confidentiality, starting from the first conversation and we approach the recruitment service in a unique way. Our experienced and friendly consultants are ready to offer you advice and assistance throughout the recruitment process, as well as continued support after a placement is made.

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Our 7 stage recruiting process

  • 1
    Needs analysis & define requirements
  • 2
    Source & recruit quality candidates for your organization
  • 3
    Present candidates & arrange interviews
  • 4
    Debrief candidates & clients
  • 5
    Perform background checks & arrange final interview
  • 6
    Present offer & close candidate
  • 7
    Prepare candidates for counter offer

Finding and hiring the right people is a crucial element of an organisation’s success

At Artemide Recruitment we focus on long-term human resources planning and finding appropriate candidates for positions that require a very specific skillset. As global talent acquisition specialists we work closely with our clients to analyse their long-term talent needs in the context of business goals, to execute a strategy by recruiting, evaluating, and onboarding candidates. Our role is key to the development of our clients’ businesses.

Finding and hiring the right people is a crucial element of an organisation’s success. Without the right employees, a business will struggle with poor productivity, bad decision-making, and unmotivated staff. Talent acquisition is an ongoing strategy to find specialists, leaders, or future executives for your company.

The purpose of talent acquisition is to make recruitment more strategic and better suited to an organization’s goals. In this way, employers can find the best candidates for the jobs they need filled today, as well as passive candidates who might be a great fit down the road. We believe in the Pareto principle means that 80% of the responsibility and work are shouldered by only 20% of your employees. Meaning, most of the work and effort are from the minority of your staff. They are the floor leaders, managers, and other key thinkers in your organisation. Let us help you find them. Contact us today for more informations.

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