We recruit all roles within the Sales Department

For a company the key to a long-lasting life of profitable incomes is the Sales Department. Artemide Recruitment as a leading global agency can maximise the profits of your growing business by providing you with an exceptional, all rounded Sales Department.

It is crucial for the success of the company that the Sales Department sells the products/services provided by your business. To do so it is necessary to build a strong relationship with customers and clients. A personal touch is the key to a successful salesperson that will help increase the earnings and the overall performance of the company.

There are multiple figures that can be found in the Sales Department and they all handle equally vital responsibilities. Some of the main positions are Sales Manger, Sales Executive, Account Executive, Customer Success representative and Sales Specialist.

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Key Functions of the of the Sales Department:

  • Preparing and Developing sales plans
    Identifying sales goals and prospectives, highlighting quotas, target markets, tools and resources.
  • Ensuring Business Growth
    Building Lucrative relationships with customers to ensure growth and profits, engaging with prospectives and future clients, sponsoring and promoting to customers new features, keeping the clients satisfied and engaged.
  • Converting Sales
    Steadily and efficiently making sales, improving conversions rates resulting in higher profits.

It is recommended that a Salesperson posses strategic planning skills, collaboration and motivational skills and the ability to delegate task since it is a hectic environment. However, most importantly the Sales Department members must have incredible communication skills and empathetical abilities to always ensure smooth relationships with clients.

They usually possess a high-level education having completed Bachelor’s degrees in business or any related fields with affiliated MBAs, Masters and occasionally Ph.D. They require an excellent knowledge of data organising programs like MS Office and Excel paired with excellent selling, negotiation, and communications skills.

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