We recruit all roles within the IT Services Department

In a world where technology rules unmatched, the IT Services Department is a vital branch of every company has to ensure technical support both for the employees and for the customers.

Artemide Recruitment can make sure your business quickly rises to success by providing you with an efficient, proficient and experience IT Department.

IT services have the responsibility of keeping all communication lines running smoothly, protect critical data and ensure company’s systems work to the utmost perfection. Maintenance has a critical role in the IT department since it is needed a constant attention to the company’s digital and technological infrastructures. They also deal with all software and hardware need of the business

There are multiple different roles in the IT Department. The most important ones are The Hardware Technician that maintains all the companies direct technologies like computers and servers. The Network Engineer that designs and manages the company’s network including websites. And finally the CyberSecurity Manager that develops and manages the security system of the business in regards to data storage and data sensibility.

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The key responsibilities of the IT Services Department are:

IT Administration provided to all departments
This involves the management of all computers, data storage, renewing all digital licences, training new employees in the ways of the systems, assisting and resolving all hardware issues, installing regular updates.

Technical Support
It involves supporting staff and members of the company with any IT issues. Creating work logs, repairing faulty or damaged hardware, back ups and instalment of cloud based services, recovering data, connectivity issues.

Create new pieces of software based on the company’s needs. Developing databases, coding in languages like JavaScript-HTML/CSS-Python-C++, converting documents and files, using knowledge to create new solutions for rising issues.

All Website Development
Including layout, testing and improvement, graphics and designs.

The main set of skills needed to successfully work in the IT Department features analytical abilities and the ability to work in a team. Problem-solving and time-managing skills but also creativity and good communication. There is a wide set of qualifications suggested to embark on an IT job. Including High-Level Education, such as Bachelor’s degree in:

  • Business Systems Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Software Engineering
  • or any related fields with affiliated MBAs, Masters and Ph. Ds.

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