We recruit all roles within the Human Resources Department

For a company to flourish it is necessary to guarantee the overall well-being and care of every aspect of the employees. Artemide Recruitment selects and assembles the perfect HR (Human Resources) Department allowing your blooming business to reach excellency and unmatched profits.

It falls within the jurisdiction of the HR Department to perform all human resources management of the so called “life cycle” of an employee: onboarding, recruiting, hiring, training and eventually firing. It cares for workers’ administration dealing with all aspects of violations, layoffs  and misconducts. HR also administrates all benefit programs such as legal care and insurance. Its main duty is to maximise the employee’s productivity while protecting the company from any issues that may arise within the workforce.

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There are five main key aspects in the Human Resources Department:

  • Recruiting new employees
    It is necessary the the HR teams understands the needs and targets of the company to hire the right people. It will involve market analysis, consult managers and stakeholders, liaison with the Finance Department over budgetary needs. Hiring the right candidate will revitalise and ensure the smooth running of the business.
  • Handling all compensations and benefits
    Managing payrolls and ensuring taxes, commissions and fair compensations are attributed to all employees.
  • Offering career advancement opportunities
    It is vital and necessary to keep the good employees in your company offering them opportunities for advancement and growth within the company. HR can provide paths and help guide each worker to a long-lasting future in the business.
  • Handling all work-related issues of single employees
    The Human Resources department deals with all controversial and disciplinary actions first hand. It is the responsibility of HR to develop a trustworthy but professional environment where violations can be faced and resolved minimising conflicts and legal actions.
  • Developing policies
    Updating and creating policies to protect the workers in the company-wide environment is a fundamental duty of HR. After analysing and tracking behavioural tendencies and components, the HR team will draft and apply policies to protect employees and ensure the smooth running of the company.

As a future member of the HR team you will need excellent communication and relationship management skills to understand and handle all conflict and eventual issues rising in the company. To carry out to the highest standard all HR responsibilities it is also needed an extensive knowledge of the HR metrics: recruitment, engagement and retention. Moreover financial and legal knowledge are needed alongside technological competency to carry out all the data entry tasks. Any High-Level Education, such as Bachelor’s degree in People Management/CIPD or any related fields with affiliated MBAs, Masters and Ph. Ds is welcomed but not a requirement. However, an excellent knowledge of data organising programs like MS Office and Excel is necessary.

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